Medical Research

To meet our requirements in terms of quality and innovation, we combine professional expertise with medical expertise; this enables us to deal with issues better. We work with specialists in their respective fields to provide effective and totally safe solutions for the treatment of conditions such as hirsutism or meibomian blepharitis.

Most of our devices are regulated Class IIa medical products with CE 0197 approval.


With hair removal considered to be an indispensable treatment for hirsutism, our study has sought to verify the efficiency and safety of treatment using pulsed light. Our medical device may be used for the treatment of excessive hairiness due to hormonal or idiopathic hirsutism or for hair removal treatment for purely aesthetic reasons.

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Meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD)

Dry eye syndrome is a condition that can become incapacitating if left untreated. Our studies with E-Eye demonstrate the effects of pulsed light in treating meibomian gland dysfunction. Our medical device can be used in cases of the evaporative form of dry eye.

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In cases of a post-surgical scar where the collagen fibres are partially destroyed, collagen stimulation via pulsed light can be prescribed. Our trials with W-O75 have demonstrated the benefit of pulsed light on damaged cells (altered by surgery) as well as in ageing cells.

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Pigmentary disorders

Hyperpigmentations (or blemishes) are localised scars resulting from an imbalance in melanin production that cannot be repaired by skin cells. Our pulsed light medical device has been developed for the treatment of actinic lentigo (sun spots), senile lentigo (age spots), melasma (e.g. pregnancy mask) and long-term ephelides (deep red spots).

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