Treatment for fine lines and wrinkles

Offer a luminous complexion, firmer and visibly younger skin to your patients. Outstanding quality and guaranteed results in the name of beauty.


Action mode Collagen stimulation

Surface area treated 7.5 cm2

Dimensions 345 x 320 x 440mm

Weight 11 kg

Application Professional

Length of treatment 12 sessions spread over 6 months

Charging type Continuous operation

Noise level Max 55 dBA

Operating voltage 100 - 240 V

Storage temperature - 5°C to + 65°C

Zone to be flashed Whole body

Certification Medical CE

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PACK W-O75 New generation anti-ageing treatment

The pulsed light emitted by W-075 heats the dermis in a controlled manner – helping to contract collagen fibres and stimulate fibroblasts. W-O75 thus has regenerating effects on collagen and elastin tissue, which is mostly characterised by a decrease in wrinkles.


W-O75 is designed to produce visibly firmer, younger skin on the face, neck, arms, hands, thighs and abdomen. The device can also be used to diminish stretch marks and scars (if they’re less than 6 months old) and help restore a radiant complexion.

Care protocol

  • For optimal results, we recommend a weekly session for 8 weeks, followed by 1 monthly session for 4 months and then a top-up session every 2 months.

  • From the first session, there’s an immediate effect: the epidermis becomes firmer and the skin is suppler.

  • After a few sessions, the skin’s texture is smoother, the complexion more radiant, and wrinkles and fine lines are noticeably diminished due to a synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

  • A fast technique that can be used all year round, including on tanned skin.

Ease of use

At first glance, you'll be seduced by its design and its ergonomics. Very quickly, you’ll fall in love with its ease of use. The intuitive touch screen enables personalised settings such as the area to be treated, skin colour and the energy used. Your customers will appreciate the virtually painless feeling at the point of flash and the fast treatment thanks to the large surface area of the optical head.

Optic cartridge W-O75 and activation card

Optic cartridge for W-O75 and its activation card. Including a xenon lamp developed by E-Swin, the optic cartridge has a limited pre-programmed life time.

This guarantees a constant quality of the light emitted, from the first to the very last flash. After 1,000 flashes, this cartridge will need to be replaced.

Your device will tell you via the touchscreen the number of flashes remaining.


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