Treatment for acne

A fast, painless technique for clinical and cosmetic improvement of acne. E-Clean works by reducing inflammation, thus making spots less visible.


Technology IRPL®

Surface area treated 7.5 cm2

Dimensions 345 x 320 x 440mm

Weight 11 kg

Application Professional

Length of treatment Minimum 4 sessions spread over 4 weeks

Charging type Continuous operation

Noise level Max 55 dBA

Operating voltage 100 - 240 V

Storage temperature - 5°C to + 65°C

Zone to be flashed Whole body

Condition treated Hormonal or inflammatory acne

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PACK E-CLEAN Clinical and aesthetic improvement through the use of pulsed light

E-Clean uses a fast and virtually painless technique to produce outstanding results. The pulsed light emitted by E-Clean reduces the visibility of acne spots by reducing inflammation. The skin appears tightened due to the diminished spots, giving it a natural lifting effect.


This device can be used to treat teenagers or adults with skin type I to III with hormonal acne (blackheads and pimples) or inflammatory acne (pimples and pustules) from grade 2 to 5 on the Burton scale.

Acne occuring in adulthood requires aetiological investigation before the use of pulsed light in order to establish and treat the underlying cause. E-Clean is only for use by doctors.

Care protocol

  • 1 session per week for at least 4 weeks (to be continued or renewed depending on the development of lesions)
  • The technique can be used alone or in combination with the usual acne treatment (except for photo-sensitising medications, in particular isotretinoin)
  • A moisturising cream can be applied at the end of the session.

After each treatment, the patient can carry on with normal activities. If going out in the sun, he/she will need to apply very high factor sunscreen protection throughout the course of treatment and for 3 weeks following its completion.


After the session, the acne is less inflamed and therefore less visible. The skin appears tightened due to the diminished spots, giving it a natural lifting effect. The clinical and aesthetic improvement resulting from this technique can also reduce psychological trauma, which is sometimes serious with this skin condition.

In short, the pulsed light technology used by E-Clean represents a breakthrough in the treatment of inflammatory acne – offering maximum results with minimum side effects.

Optic cartridge and activation card - E-Clean

Optic cartridge for E-Clean and its activation card. Including a xenon lamp developed by E-Swin, the optic cartridge has a limited pre-programmed life time.

This guarantees a constant quality of the light emitted, from the first to the very last flash. After 1,000 flashes, this cartridge will need to be replaced.

Your device will tell you via the touchscreen the number of flashes remaining.

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