Treatment for pigmentation

Advanced technology to tackle localised hyperpigmentation. P-O75 makes pigment blemishes vanish from the first session.


Technology IRPL®

Surface area treated 7.5 cm2

Dimensions 345 x 320 x 440mm

Weight 11 Kg

Application Professional

Length of treatment 1 to 6 sessions (according to the selected mode)

Charging type Continuous operation

Noise level Max 55 dBA

Operating voltage 100 - 240 V

Storage temperature - 5°C to + 65°C

Zone to be flashed Whole body

Condition treated Flat and benign cutaneous pigment blemishes

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PACK P-O75 An advanced technology for localised hyperpigmentation

P-O75 uses a quick technique that will diminish blemishes from the first session. Its remarkable efficiency and ease of use make pulsed light the best treatment for flat pigment blemishes at present.


P-075 is used to treat people with skin type I to III with pigmentation caused by actinic lentigo (sun damage), senile lentigo (age spots), melasma (side effect of pregnancy or the contraceptive pill), long-term freckles (dark red spots).

All other pigmented skin blemishes – uneven spots such as nevi unrelated to the sun, senile warts, melanomas – are not suitable for pulsed light.

The P-O75 is only for use by doctors.

Care protocol

  • Make sure your patient's skin is clean, dry and free from any cosmetics. Switch on P-O75 and set the machine according to the area being treated, the type of programme (soft, standard or radical), the tint of the blemish (lighter or darker) and your patient’s skin colour. Then choose the desired power level, which must be adapted to each individual patient’s tolerance level.

  • Equip your patient with the eye mask protective goggles and place your own protective glasses over your eyes. Apply a generous amount of gel to the blemish to be treated. After unlocking the safety tabs, flash the targeted spot.

  • The iris plate (provided by E-Swin) for targeting the pigmentation should always be used in "standard" and "radical" mode.

Before any session, please refer to the full instructions provided with your P-O75.


Results will vary according to the mode (standard, soft or radical) selected on your P-075:

  • In "soft" mode (the gentlest mode), 4 to 6 sessions will be required for the pigmentation to vanish completely.

  • In "standard" mode, pigmentation may disappear after the first session; a second session can be scheduled 10 days later if required.

  • In "radical" mode, you will need to cover blemishes with the use of a black marker. The flash will immediately remove them, leaving pinkish patches that will heal within 10 days.

Iris plate

This plate is made from a material that’s resistant to flashes and is designed to be used with P-O75. It enables you to target a blemish or set of pigmentary blemishes with more precision. 7 diameters are available on the plate. Place the diameter of the desired hole on the area to be treated, before applying the gel and then flash.

This plate is reusable; it must be rinsed with water and carefully wiped after each use.

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