How does pulsed light work?

Pulsed light emits a polychromatic light beam. A colour filter is usually used to cut the light into a spectrum band, which can be absorbed by the target area being treated.

IRPL® technology developed by E-Swin’s engineers brings an entirely new dimension to conventional IPL: “regulation”. Regulated flash technology enables the instantaneous luminous power output to remain constant throughout the duration of the flash. This uniformity allows complete control of the heat generated in the target area – further enhancing the safety of flashes emitted. This offers unprecedented therapeutic possibilities that are inconceivable with conventional IPL.

P-075 is a polychromatic pulsed light generator capable of producing a perfectly homogeneous and regulated flash; this means you can treat people with skin type I to III in complete safety.

P-O75 targets the melanin in the pigment blemish, increases its temperature and then gradually causes it to deteriorate.

How can we achieve safety and security with such technology? By designing a product with a total of 12 levels of security to guarantee a perfectly controlled treatment.

The device complies with the strictest requirements defined by the international standard 60601-1 governing medical devices and benefits from CE medical certification.